LEGO Christmas Build Guides 2010

Check out the LEGO Christmas Build Guides for 2010. 15 mini-build designs are available for free on the LEGO website including a snowman, gift boxes, two reindeer designs, fireplace, wreath, Christmas tree, sleigh, candle, angel, Santa Claus, bell, winter tree, Christmas girl, and candy cane.

The designs are available as downloadable PDF files. The files download as a zip file, which simply compresses the PDF. You’ll need a program to unzip the zip file (Mac OSX does this automatically if you double click on the zip file). Then, you’ll need a free copy of the program Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer in order to view the files. (Again, in Mac OSX you can view PDF files in “Preview” which comes standard). Google Docs also allows you to view PDF files.

The files will show you which pieces you need followed by step-by-step instructions to complete the build. Don’t have all the pieces? You can order LEGO blocks by the piece online or try the brick wall at your local LEGO store. Alternatively, you can just use the free guides as inspiration to create your own design with the pieces you already have.

In the future, we’d love to see LEGO make these guides available as HTML pages instead of having to download zip files. Also, a smartphone app containing the build instructions would also rock. In the meantime, we’re super thankful for free build guides!

LEGO Provides Christmas Build Instructions on Website

legosnowmanscreenshotIf your kids are into LEGO, then you’ll want to check out the Christmas build instructions LEGO has on their website. They can learn how to build a wreath, snowman, reindeer, candy cane, candle, and a ton more. There are still two more mystery instructions yet to be released – on Nov. 19 and 26.

The last date for ordering Pick-A-Brick individual pieces on the LEGO website in the United States is December 6th if you want them by Christmas. So you might want to hurry if you want to get the right pieces for these builds.

Otherwise, buy a big box of LEGOs and hope for the best. Or better yet – have the kids use their imagination and make their own versions of these Christmas builds!