Our Most Popular Designs Return for 2009!

The Holly Leaf loves all of its designs, but our customers have definitely shown their favorites. Here are the top 4 designs from 2008, which are staying on for 2009:

Jonathan P. Snowman – This design was created by the top Holly Leaf and her two kids. Ok, mostly the kids. We were pleasantly surprised and happy that so many loved this flurry-filled design.


Leaf Lines – This is the first official design of The Holly Leaf. We took a traditional holly leaf with berries and added modern, abstract stripes. This design on Baby Onesies has been quite popular the past couple of weeks.

Royal Purple Angel – There are many great themes during Christmas and when you’re celebrating a more spiritual theme, this angel is a perfect decoration. We chose a dark purple, a symbol of royalty, to emphasize a different kind of royalty – a spiritual one – on Christmas.

Dreaming Pink – Since my daughter loves pink, I realized lots of girls and women of all ages love to keep their affection for pink alive – even during a red and green holiday. Are you Dreamin’ Pink this Christmas?